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Quick Details

  • Type: Wheel Hub Bearing
  • Size: Standard
  • Car Make: Peugeot Boxer/Fiat Ducato/Citroen Jumper
  • OE NO.: VKBA6570/VKBA3690/VKBA3642
  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: WORLD FAMOUS BRAND fiat 132 parts
  • Model Number: VKBA5314 VKBA3640 VKBA6570 VKBA6570/VKBA3690/VKBA3642 Wheel Bearing
  • BEARING: quality VKBA6570 WHEEL BEARING REPAIR KIT fiat 132 parts
  • Models: VKBA6570/VKBA3690/VKBA3642
  • BEARING 1: forging fiat 132 auto parts made in China
  • material: good material
  • ID: 68
  • OD: 132
  • Usages: car parts
  • delivery: timely delivery
  • quality: super good

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details standard packing
Delivery Time 5 to 30days




Product Description

1.Wheel Hub Unit Bearing VKBA sreies

quality VKBA6570 WHEEL BEARING REPAIR KIT fiat 132 parts

Auto wheel bearing is the main purpose of bearing and to provide accurate guide to the rotation of the wheel hub, it is under axial load and radial load, is a very important component.It is developed on the basis of standarded angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. Greased and sealed for life, the first generation wheel bearing cuts installation time and virtually eliminates problems caused by improper seal handling and bearing clearances. It is often equipped with a seal, on one side of the bearing unit, including an integrated magnetised ABS impulse wheel.


Part No. Ref: 
VKBA3550, VKBA3551, VKBA3552, VKBA3554, VKBA3555, VKBA3556, VKBA3559, VKBA3562, VKBA3564, VKBA3565, VKBA3567, VKBA3568, VKBA3569, VKBA3570, VKBA3571, VKBA3572, VKBA3574, VKBA3575, VKBA3576, VKBA3577, VKBA3578, VKBA3580, VKBA3581, VKBA3583, VKBA3584, VKBA3585, VKBA3586, VKBA3588, VKBA3589, VKBA3590, VKBA3592, VKBA3594, VKBA3595, VKBA3596, VKBA3597, VKBA3599, VKBA3600, VKBA3601, VKBA3602, VKBA3603, VKBA3604, VKBA3605, VKBA3606, VKBA3607, VKBA3608, VKBA3610, VKBA3611, VKBA3613, VKBA3614, VKBA3615, VKBA3616, VKBA3617, VKBA3618, VKBA3619, VKBA3620, VKBA3621, VKBA3624, VKBA3625, VKBA3626, VKBA3627,


VKBA3628, VKBA3631, VKBA3632, VKBA3633, VKBA3635, VKBA3637, VKBA3638, VKBA3639, VKBA3640, VKBA3641, VKBA3642, VKBA3643, VKBA3644, VKBA3645, VKBA3646, VKBA3647, VKBA3648, VKBA3649, VKBA3650, VKBA3651, VKBA3652, VKBA3653, VKBA3655, VKBA3656, VKBA3657, VKBA3658, VKBA3659, VKBA3660, VKBA3662, VKBA3664, VKBA3665, VKBA3666, VKBA3667, VKBA3668, VKBA3669, VKBA3670, VKBA3671, VKBA3672, VKBA3673, VKBA3674, VKBA3675, VKBA3676, VKBA3677, VKBA3678, VKBA3680, VKBA3681, VKBA3682, VKBA3683, VKBA3684, VKBA3685, VKBA3686, VKBA3687, VKBA3688, VKBA3689, VKBA3690, VKBA3691, VKBA3693, VKBA3697, VKBA3700, VKBA3703, VKBA3704, VKBA3710, VKBA3713, VKBA3714, VKBA3715, VKBA3716, VKBA3717, VKBA3718, VKBA3725, VKBA3726, VKBA3728, VKBA3729, VKBA3730, VKBA3731, VKBA3739, VKBA3740, VKBA3765, VKBA3770, VKBA3775, VKBA3778, 

VKBA3779, VKBA3781, VKBA3785, VKBA3786, VKBA3789, VKBA3792, VKBA3793, VKBA3794, VKBA3795, VKBA3796, VKBA3798, VKBA3799, VKBA3901, VKBA3902, VKBA3907, VKBA3908, VKBA3909, VKBA3910, VKBA3916, VKBA3917, VKBA3922, VKBA3923, VKBA3924, VKBA3929, VKBA3930, VKBA3931, VKBA3932, VKBA3934, VKBA3935, VKBA3936, VKBA3938, VKBA3940, VKBA3945, VKBA3946, VKBA3949, VKBA3950, VKBA3951, VKBA3952, VKBA3954, VKBA3959, VKBA3960, VKBA3961, VKBA3962, VKBA3965, VKBA3967, VKBA3968, VKBA3969, VKBA3970, VKBA3972, VKBA3973,

VKBA3975, VKBA3979, VKBA3981, VKBA3985, VKBA3991, VKBA3995, VKBA3997, VKBA3999, VKBA502, VKBA504, VKBA505, VKBA515, VKBA516, VKBA517, VKBA519, VKBA523, VKBA526, VKBA527, VKBA528, VKBA529, VKBA530, VKBA5314, VKBA534, VKBA539, VKBA540, VKBA542, VKBA5527, VKBA559, VKBA562, VKBA564, VKBA571, VKBA575, VKBA577, VKBA583, VKBA586,


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 2. Various wheel hub bearing models and repair kits:
137791110, 83-0096, H21038, J4711045, FBK943, KK-21046, KK21061, J4711045, J4711050, QWB1167, 1603194, 90486467, 1603194, 90486467, 271394, 271643, 1604292, 90486468, 33501818, 95654074, 335019, 95654077, 370158, 1019561, 1137830, 5020654, 5020655, 5030538,

1019561, 1137830, 1375743, 5020654, 5020655, 5030538, 5U7J1A049AA, 96FX1A049AB, 31212226640, J4702022, WBK1043, JS354, KK-12002, T137018, J4702002, BRT1332, VKBA1340, QWB847, WBK509, T470A36, JS1021, KK12014, J4712008, BRT1093, VKBA1341, QWB702

REF: 521000--x2, VKBA6914, VKBA6915, R154.27, VKBA967, VKBA6572, VKBA6571, VKBA6527, VKBA6526, H21038, VKBA1301, VKBA1306, VKBA1307, VKBA1313, VKBA1315, VKBA1318, VKBA1319, VKBA1324, VKBA1325, VKBA1326, VKBA1327, VKBA1328, VKBA1331,VKBA1333, VKBA1337, VKBA1338, VKBA1340, VKBA1341


Vehicle bearings 

we can supply you with all kinds of different auto parts, that use for cars of  We sincerely welcome our customers to visit and have business negotiations with us. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to establishing our long-term relationships.






Auto clutch bearing

Clutch bearing/auto bearing/wheel hub bearing

Do not hesitate to contact for any of your question or demand!    

3C11-7548-AA48TKB3202 35BD4820T12DDU47TB3102
54TKB3401  50TKB350160TKB350655SCRN41P



2DUFO54N-6 35BD5220DUME18ADAC45850051DAC38640033
41421-39000 63/28 C331230-6017090369-T0003
54KWH02 6909DDUDAC40730045FCR55-17-9
DAC35620040DAC55900060DAC38710033/30TMB3/32 C3


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